News that Fits

The Baltimore Sun: Stereotypes confound jury selection.

The New York Times: Judge allows civil lawsuit over claims of torture.

The New York Times: Insurance giant A.I.G. takes ex-chief  to court.

The Wall Street Journal: Alleged hacking-terror effort thwarted. How to foil a corporate fraudster.

The National Law Journal: Don’t give agencies criminal power. Consolidating criminal and civil authority is an extreme departure and is bound to create more problems.

The National Law Journal: DOJ may rein in use of ‘honest services’ statute. Fraud statute up for review was key to many convictions.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Report: Fewest complaints against D.C. judges since 2003.

Tickle the Wire: Paul Fishman, an ex-federal prosecutor has unquestionably been a formidable opponent for the government as a defense attorney. Now the government is bringing him back on its side. Perhaps next they’ll be begging for Levin & Gallagher attorneys to return.

Tickle the Wire: FBI probing foreclosure scam that involves bogus rental units.

Federal Criminal Defense Blog: Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009.

The Investigative Voice: Bad Justice: City judge reprimanded for bias toward prosecutors.

The Investigative Voice: Prosecutors seek internal charges against exonerated officers.  

The Investigative Voice: ‘Undetermined’ under fire – Council to investigate undetermined deaths.

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