News that Fits

The New York Times: Supreme Court justice denies Black’s bid for bail.

The New York Times: Ex-head of mortgage firm pleads guilty to fraud.

The New York Times:  A jury of eight women and four men will hear opening statements in the bribery trial of  former congressman William J. Jefferson.

The Blog of the Legal Times: Mayer Brown predicts SEC will focus on insider trading.

The Washington Post: Maryland insurance agent accused of defrauding seniors of $280,000. 

The Washington Post: Economic downturn accelerates collapse of Ponzi schemes.

Tickle the Wire: A 64-year old California man really loved being a lawyer but there was one big problem – he didn’t have a law degree.

NPR: Online poker no game to Justice Department.

Federal Criminal Defense BlogCriminal enforcement of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP): Criminal investigations and first prosecution already in progress.

Market Watch: Fraudsters eye huge stimulus pie . Companies will face extra requirements to prevent problems.

Legal Blog Watch: From prosecutor to pimp.


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