News that Fits

ESPN:  Prosecutor recommends probation for former Orioles player, Miguel Tejada.  Here is Tejada’s plea agreement in which he agreed to plead guilty.

WBAL:  Federal appeals court hears Madoff’s argument for pre-sentence release.

The Baltimore Sun:  Mystery developer identified in Dixon corruption case.

The AP:  Federal prosecutors accused of misconduct in case.  As you may recall, we blogged about the Shaygan trial just last week.

The Baltimore Sun:  Obama’s choice of Tom Perez for a Department of Justice spot, which we blogged about recently, has irked some in the Hispanic community.

NPR, On Point:  Accountability on Wall Street–is there a criminal case to be made?

The Washington Post:  Consultants fired and DC tech officials put on leave amid bribe scam.

Baltimore City Paper:  Fear the Turtle.  Van Smith reports on a Federal raid in Maryland which shows how common snapping turtles can have an uncommon bite.

The Recorder:  US charges hedge fund manager with fraud.

New York Law Journal:  Dreier seeks dismissal of securities fraud charges.

The AP:  Georgia-based currency trader charged with running a Ponzi scheme.

The Washington Times:  Whistleblower’s attorney to testify before House panel on ACORN’s activities.

The New York Times:  US extends offshore tax fraud probe.

The Washington Post:  Lobbying reports raise questions.

The Washington Post:  Airport turbulence.  Members of Congress get attention over airport incidents.

And in military justice news:

The Washington Post:  Military examines use of contractors.

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